Reclaim/Recycle Waste Water from Oil/gas Drilling Operations

Could these be the thing of the past?

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Due to the huge amount of waste water from gas and oil drilling operations, especially in a shale type of deposit where “Fraqing” is a normal process to access the gas/oil, and improper disposal can be an environmental nightmare, ASEI has arrived at a solution to this problem.

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Instead of the oil companies injecting the “Waste Water” into a well, or using an open pit, we can through our mechanical process remove the dissolved solids, and clean/purify the remaining water without the use of filters that have to be disposed of, or the addition of possible hazardous chemicals.


Our process is a combined work of several professions, and methods. The following is a basic overview of our units/system. These units/systems can be small and portable (semi trailer mounted) or larger stationary units.

  1. When the water is first received it is tested for content. (what is in it). It then goes through a multistage gravity separator. At this point any petroleum products such as oil, gas, diesel, hydraulic fluid etc. are separated from the water.

  2. Next the water is put through a mechanical separator which removes any particles of dirt etc.Greater than 10 microns in size.

  3. (1 micron = 0.000039 of an inch) (Your hair is about 100 microns thick)

  4. The final stage is where the water is pumped through a controlled temperature and pressure vessel where it is separated from any remaining salts and solids. The end product is water that can be less than .04 ppm (parts per million) of contamination.

For illustration purposes .04 ppm = .$.04 in $1,000,000.000.00

The solids from this process can be further separated or disposed of in accordance with EPA guidelines.

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